Mind Reading: A Neuromarketing Study Methodology

“This paper explores neuromarketing and how nonprofit
organizations, specifically anti-tobacco organizations, can use and benefit from the techniques...we will discuss our background research, process in developing our methodology, possible analysis, conclusions, contributions, research limitations, and future research directions.”

IPD II: Hypothetical Marketing Plan for Medical Product

“The problem we are addressing is the current shortcomings present in treating diseases such as age related macular degeneration (AMD), which results in severe vision loss in an individual’s central field of view...The following marketing plan provides an overview of the current market and target customers, company and market-specific objectives, strategy and tactics, the implementation plan, and a method of monitoring performance and the operational environment. ”

Business Communication: Collection of Essays

“Develop a lead-exchange. Network with people who are non-competing professionals. Make sure these hand-picked individuals are a local connector or maven. These people can give leads to grow personal business...Developing lead exchanges leads to improving sales or gaining clients.”